Welcome to My Professional Portfolio

This web site was created to showcase the many facets of my career as a science teacher, educator and instructional designer. Please feel free to look around the web site. If you have any questions please contact me via e-mail.

Who is Eric J. Smith?

Eric J. Smith PortraitI was born in San Diego and spent most of my life in San Carlos, a small community within San Diego city. While I was attending Patrick Henry High School, in the San Diego Unified School District, I assisted in a severely handicapped classroom and found my passion for teaching. However I enjoyed the sciences and decided after graduation to combine the two. I entered my first year of college as a Biology major with intentions of becoming a high school teacher.

I attended a few colleges before I graduated from San Diego State University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. After completing my degree I started classes in the Teacher Education Department to earn my Single Subject Teaching Credential. In 1999 I moved to Concord, California and started my first teaching job at Concord High School teaching Integrated Science. After a year in Concord I started to miss the beach and moved back to San Diego and started teaching at La Costa Canyon High School. At La Costa Canyon High School I taught Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Advanced Placement Chemistry. While working at the high school level I was also assisting teaching at San Diego State University in the Teacher Education Department. I worked with Samuel Sandoval and Dr. Cheryl Mason on Science Methods for future science teachers.

While working at La Costa Canyon I met my wife Dawn and married in February 2004. We wanted to start a family soon and after a couple of months my wife was pregnant and expecting our first child. We were concerend living in such a large city with little family for support and made the decision to move to Illinois (my wife's family lived in Illinois). We packed up our stuff and drove cross country to our new home in Pekin, Illinois. I taught Earth Science and Coordinated Science at the only high school in the town called Pekin Community High School. I spent my time learning how to live in a small town (aka. nothing to do) and preparing for the birth of our daughter. The day came and Tabitha was born on November 20, 2004. After living in Pekin for only a few months we decided that the small town life was not for us and we moved back to the San Diego Area. So we packed up a truck (again) and drove cross country to Vista, California.

I started back in the same school district at Canyon Crest Academy, a new school which opened in 2004. At Canyon Crest Academy I taught Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry. With the opening of this new school I spent a good majority of the time integrating new technology into the classroom. The sciecne classrooms were the first in the district to have computers to collect real time data using Vernier Probeware. This allowed for students to use science tools they will be using in their college classes. After working to help set-up the Chemistry program at Canyon Crest Academy I transferred to La Costa Canyon High School to have a shorter commute to work. However I truly enjoyed teaching at Canyon Crest Academy and wanted to teach under the 4 x 4 schedule once more and transferred back to Canyon Crest Academy for the 2010-2011 school year.

My most recent accomplishment was the completion of my Masters in Educational Technology at San Diego State University. The courses I am teaching this year reflect my desire to make changes in education using technology. Education is changing at the university level; therefore changes need to be implemented within our high schools and middle schools to prepare students for the 21st century.