Job Aids



What is a Job Aid?

A job aid is nothing more than a "cheat sheet" to help you complete a task you really do not want to committ to memory. You may want to print the job aids or just view them on your computer. In order to view these items you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer.

Available Job Aids for Teachers

  • Quick Guide to Blackboard 9
    • This is a quick reference tool to use for first time Blackboard users. It contains information about the Blackboard interface and explians how to create items within the Blackboard environment.
  • Enrolling for Students
    • This is a great job aid to give to students to explain how to enroll in a class already existing in Blackboard.
  • Uploading Mulitple Files and Folders
    • This job aid demonstrates how to upload mulitple files or folders with a few clicks of a mouse. These files can then be used for content creation.
  • Copying an Existing Class to a New Class
    • When a new year begins you will want to be able to copy an existing courses material to a new course for the next year.
  • Create an Assessment
    • Blackboard has the ability to collect formative assessment data through quetions you create.

Available Job Aids for Administrators of Blackboard